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The Legacy of FRIDA KAHLO

映画『フリーダ・カーロの遺品 - 石内都、織るように』 - ウェブ制作事例

ドキュメンタリー映画『フリーダ・カーロの遺品 – 石内都、織るように』公式サイトです。
an official website of a documentary film “The Legacy of FRIDA KAHLO”.

Our specific point for web design : This film focuses on a photographer, Ishiuchi who is about to take photos of relics of Frida Kahlo. To make this film be welcomed by all age people, we cherished Historical impression and make them get easy to vist this website for potential audiences by using theme 2 colors, pop blue and pop red.

Client Name: Nondelaico
Services Provided
* Website Design
* Web Development
* Hosting & Maintenance