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A Room of Her Own : Rei Naito and Light

映画『あえかなる部屋 内藤礼と、光たち』 - ウェブ制作事例

映画『あえかなる部屋 内藤礼と、光たち』公式サイトです。
an official website of a documentary film “A Room of Her Own : Rei Naito and Light”.

Our specific point for web design : This film focuses on an artist, Rei Naito who is pursuing the mystery of existence. To feel this film’s world in this website, we put artistic pictures of Teshima Artmuseum which he designed, and more tried to let audiences to understand this content simply.

Client Name: TV MAN UNION, INC.
Services Provided
* Website Design
* Web Development
* Hosting & Maintenance